Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kulith / Horsegram Dosa

These last few days I haven’t really done any grocery shopping except buying basic ingredients such as tomatoes, onions, peppers etc. Inspired by Nupur's BB4 event, I'm forcing myself to come up with tasty dishes with ingredients I have in my pantry. I have already made a list of ingredients that have been sitting in my pantry and refrigerator for months/ years and plan to cook as many dishes as I can using these ingredients.

I found some Kulith/ Horsegram in the refrigerator which is as old as my daughter 'Swara,' who is 18 months old now. My mom got these from India when she came here to help me out after Swara's birth. This is a kind of legume which is generally used as cattle feed. Since it is rich in iron and a good source of protein and calcium, it is considered to be good for new moms. My mom made Kulith usal for me a couple of times but I didn't like it very much. So they were neatly stored in a Ziploc bag in my refrigerator and have been undisturbed for more than a year or so. I don’t like to throw anything my mom has specially carried for me all the way from India. So I was really thrilled to find this Kulith/ Horsegram dosa on Shilpa's blog. I followed her recipe with the addition of few more ingredients like methi seeds and some cooked rice which I usually add for good fermentation. I didn’t have time to make a special chutney or sambar to go along with these. So I made these more like uttapams by sprinkling some finely chopped onions, cilantro, green chillies and spicy peanut chutney right after spreading the dosa batter on the skillet. The dosas were very crisp and delicious. They tasted slightly different than the regular dosas and are much healthier with the addition of kulith. I think the kulith gave the dosas a lovely golden brown color and also made them very crispy. I was really happy to see my little Swara enjoy these as much as we did. I might have to buy more kulith to make these dosas specially for her :-)

Ingredients -
1/2 cup regular rice
1/2 cup boiled rice / ukde tandul
1/2 cup urad dal
1/2 cup kulith/ horsegram
1/4 cup chana dal
1 tsp methi/ fenugreek seeds
1/4 cup cooked rice
salt to taste

Optional -
finely chopped onions
finely chopped green chillies
finely chopped cilantro
peanut chutney/ any chutney powder

Method -
1. Soak the rice, urad dal, horsegram, chana dal and methi seeds separately in water overnight or 5-6 hrs.
2. Grind everything to a smooth paste along with the cooked rice like regular dosa batter.
3. Leave the batter in a warm place for fermentation. 
4. Add salt to the fermented batter.
5. Heat your dosa pan/ griddle and grease it with some oil when hot.
6. In a bowl, mix together finely chopped onions, green chillies and cilantro
7. Pour the dosa batter on the pan with the help of your ladle and spread it in circular motion starting from the center to form a thin dosa.
8.Immediately sprinkle the onion, green chilli and cilantro mixture on the dosa. Also sprinkle some chutney powder on it.
9. Put some oil on and around the edges of the dosa and cook the dosa until golden brown. Serve hot with your favorite chutney.

This is a perfect entry for Nupur's BB4 event as it uses ingredients lurking in my kitchen and the recipe is inspired by another blogger.
I'm also sending these to Helen and Sarah's 'Breakfast Club # 1 - Asian' event.


Pari Vasisht said...

The Dosa looks so good, crispy with a nice colour.

I'm a Home Chef !!! said...

so crisp and golden brown! awesome! really crave for one now!

Aruna Manikandan said...

sounds healthy and new to me...
Thx. for sharing :-)

Priya Suresh said...

Healthy dosa to enjoy without any guilt..looks soo crispy..

Nupur said...

Kulith dosa looks fantastic! Isn't it wonderful that you forced yourself to use up something lying around in the kitchen and discovered that you love it and want to buy more? :)

Rachana said...

The dosa looks so good... feel like having it right away :-)

Nithu Bala said...

Dear, this dosa sounds very healthy..the dosa look crisp and you have made it very perfect..

Panchpakwan said...

Dosa looks so delicious..Wish i could grab your whole palte!!!

Shabitha Karthikeyan said...

Crispy dosa..looks great....

AJ said...

Wonderful dosa!! Love that crispness.

Rachana said...

Pari - Thank You. Hope you received my email.

I'm a Home Chef - Thanks. Please come over :-)

Aruna - Thanks! Yeah, kulith is very healthy.

Priya - Thank You

Nupur - Thanks a lot for hosting this event.

Rachana - You are welcome to stop by anytime...I'll make those for you :-))

Nithu - Thank you for your kind words

PanchPakwan - Thanks Jyoti.. please come over ...just send me an email :-)

Shabitha - Thanks. I'm glad you liked it.

Apu - Thank you for stopping visit again!

Helen (Fuss Free Flavours) said...

I love these with the concentric circles on them! I need to have another go at dosas so healthy with all those beans or lentils!

Charitha said...

lovely crispy dosa..